Books are magic


Hey everyone!

i want to talk about how much books are magic! They let us get away from reality and live a million lives! Book are magic because they can give you another life and wish for things that may never happen or if they did give you a different perceptive in your choose and/or decision. Just words and Imagination take you far away and empty you onto an island where you can argue or agree or think of another ending or more past the real ending of the book. This is how I feel when I read a book and it’s how I believe books are magic! Thanks guys for listening!


Published by: nreese415

I'm just a regular everyday person who works hard and reads to escape my reality. I love books! I've easily read over 200 books and I know to some people that's not a lot but to me it is. I'm also trying to write my own book. It won't be good or published probably but it's a goal of mine. Ok well I hope I do this right! Leave anything you wanna talk about! Bye! 😊

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