Fall away series by Penelope Douglas

*swoooonnnnn* I just love this series to death and omg the ending was incredible!! It was perfect! Each book starting with Bully and ending with Aflame! Started with Tate and Jared and ended with them it was almost poetic!! Let’s start with Bully that book set the grounds to each book after explaining them and a piece of them that’ll make you want more so it introduces Tate, Jared, Madoc, Jax. The next book Until You was Jared’s POV and you feel everything that you couldn’t when he explained himself to Tate in her book. Rival, the next book, is Madoc’s book and his book is about him and his step sister which is just amazing and heartbreaking! Their love went through the ringer! Falling Away was Jaxon where he still wants KC who we find out her name really is Juliet and they are a difficult pair with Jax not feeling love and Juliet feeling too much love but they are a fun and great pair! This book you see at the end trouble that Tate and Jared are feeling and that introduces Aflame where we revisit Tate and Jared 2 years later and a lot has changed! This book is ultimately the ending but at the end Penelope gives you a little “thumb print” as she puts it with promise she might come back to revisit this series with more. But anyways this ending was bitter sweet and I cried because I felt apart of their group and love each every much!! Go buy these books totally worth every penny!!! Love you Penelope Douglas!!! 


Published by: nreese415

I'm just a regular everyday person who works hard and reads to escape my reality. I love books! I've easily read over 200 books and I know to some people that's not a lot but to me it is. I'm also trying to write my own book. It won't be good or published probably but it's a goal of mine. Ok well I hope I do this right! Leave anything you wanna talk about! Bye! 😊

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